The Process

Financing / Realtor Relations

The owner of Crown has had the opportunity to work with many banks throughout the Kansas City area on commercial and residential projects.  In addition, he has also sat on a Bank Board of Directors.  That experience has provided him many resources to assist any potential buyer in looking at various options of financing.  Options from Client financing to builder financing are available.  Pros and Cons can be discussed to determine which best suits the client’s needs.  Lastly, Crown can provide a short list of realtors if one is needed.  These people are individuals that the owner has personally known for many years and are extremely experienced.

Design and Home Building Process

The process of building a home can be overwhelming to someone that has never done it before.  Working with Crown and the owner will simplify the process.  Simply put the process is

  • Deciding on where to build.  Crown is open to looking at building anywhere in the KC metro area.  The majority of the projects have been in Johnson County. Crown also can provide direction regarding the use of a realtor if a client does not have one and there is a need or work with their realtor if one is already being used.  In some cases a realtor is not needed.
  • Define a working budget that takes into account the lot and house price.  Some clients already have their financing in order while others need some assistance on options. Crown can provide guidance in both
  • Utilize an existing design plan or design a custom home. Crown is fortunate to work with one of the best architects in the Kansas City area.  The relationship has been in existence for over 10 years.  The process of design could be as simple as utilizing an existing floor plan that Crown has or can be picked out of an archive of literally hundreds of floorplans available to customizing the exact home that a person is looking for.  Exterior and Interior asthetic choices will be discussed along with all the mechanical items that are desired.  The owner of Crown will work directly with the customer and architect to ensure a smooth and reasonably priced architect design for any custom designed project.
  • Crown will communicate directly with the customer throughout the process to provide updates on the different stages that are approaching.  Customers will have direct input on the asthetics of the home through either the owner of Crown or a family member that works with the client. On site meetings as needed between Crown’s owner and the client are welcomed
  • Closing.  A final walk thru will be done immediately prior to closing to ensure satisfaction and also to cover any workings in the house.

On average the building process takes approximately 6 months from the time of ground breaking to completion.  Complexity of design, size of the project, and weather will possibly effect the timing in some way.

Ron recently coordinated the replacement of my driveway. With his help, I knew I was getting quality work for the best price. I will continue to use and recommend Crown Group every chance I get!


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