Can you provide me direction on how I should handle getting a loan?

Crown will discuss various options of financing.  Each case is a little different.  In one case you may do a traditional loan. In another case you may want to do a construction loan.  Lastly, you may currently have a home and want to look at how you may want to do a “bridge” loan of some type

Do I have to have a realtor?

Crown is very used to working with realtors.  In addition Crown can provide some names of realtors that they have known for many years.  Lastly in some cases a realtor may not be needed.

Does Crown have spec homes?

Crown is a small builder and does many of its homes from referrals and for people that the owner has gotten to know over the years.  Crown does have approx. 2-3 spec homes going on at any given time.

Will Crown build a custom home?

Absolutely.  Crown and its architect thoroughly enjoy doing custom jobs.

How long does it take to build a home?

It really depends if a client is using a stock plan design that is already available or if the customer is truly designing a home from scratch.  The design process can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months for a custom design.  The building process on average for Crown takes approx. 6-7 months from the time of ground breaking dependent on weather and complexity of design.

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